Eastman Arts Leadership Certificate Program Candidate

Photo Credit: Eastman's Arts Leadership Program

Photo Credit: Eastman's Arts Leadership Program

After a two round application process, Arianna is fortunate to be one of the select few students admitted to the elite Arts Leadership Certificate Program at the Eastman School of Music.

“The Catherine Filene Shouse Arts Leadership Program (ALP) is designed to prepare Eastman students for a rapidly changing musical culture and an increasingly competitive and diversified marketplace…

The ALP recognizes that success as a professional musician requires more than superb technique and artistry: Success also requires the ability to communicate effectively, entrepreneurial skills, fluency with emerging technologies, commitment to audience engagement, and public advocacy for music and the arts…

The fundamental goals of the ALP are to inspire students with a personal vision, to equip them with the professional skills and experience that will allow them to take charge of their career prospects, and to encourage them to provide leadership in the musical culture and marketplace.”

To view the email announcement of Arianna’s admittance, please visit the following link: “Newly admitted ALP students”.